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When we study the history of the times, we see that in each society, at least some basic principles moved towards economic development during the industrial revolution. In England for example, the industrial revolution created huge gaps between rich and poor, creating a need for massive social programs to support the working class. The emerging middle classes came from different backgrounds, but they all demanded equal status. This was the era of equality. There were no more differences in wealth and status, as it happened in England, the USA, and other developed countries.

However, in the developed world, things are very different. There are many differences in wealth, and those gaps are getting wider. This gap between rich and poor has caused major conflicts, leading to great economical and social disruptions. During this time, there were major changes in the way people lived their lives. During the industrial revolution, for instance, the working class had a strong social influence, exerting its pressure on the political system.

As I said before, major events during this period of time have a major impact on the course of history. For example, in England, the enclosure of the enclaves in the commons was an important event. This meant that people had to move out into the cities and live in crowded apartments. At the same time, enclosure caused major agricultural problems for the agriculturist, and he was forced to look for new solutions.

In Europe in general, major events such as the French Revolution, Italian Wars, and Thelemite Revolt changed the course of European history. The French revolution became the spark that started the awakening of numerous nations. In fact, it was the major figure that triggered the “Hobbits” phenomenon, and this is nowadays a popular theme in literature. Moreover, there were major figures such as Catherine the Great, Mehmet II, and Justinian the XIV who acted as guarantors of peace during the time of Thelemite Revolt.

The rise of Napoleonic rule marked the end of the age of major figures. The French Revolution caused many regions to rise up against the government and set off a chain reaction. After the French Revolution, a period of significant changes took place. The Grand Dictator Napoleon Bonaparte rode into power and changed the face of the continent. When he fell from power, there were profound changes in all aspects of French society.

These are some of the major events that shaped modern times. We can only speculate as to how these would have been affected if these events had taken place at other times. It is possible that various civilisations would have arisen instead. In any case, we have discussed just some of the major events that have shaped the course of human history.

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